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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”



– 2002, Opening

After a successful career in litigation and civil law, Terri Len Johnson set a new course that would allow her to serve clients with greater attention to detail and an emphasis on optimal outcomes that large firms simply cannot provide.

– 2010, Growth and Refinement

During the financial crisis, the Johnson firm continually worked with companies of all sizes to help them navigate an increasingly complex and challenging tax environment.

– 2016 , Terri Johnson Today

Today The Law Office of Terri Len Johnson is guiding individuals and companies of all sizes through complex tax challenges while delivering the same personal attention, experience and integrity that clients demanded when we first opened.


At Terri Johnson Law, we deliver exceptional personalized service to clients from all walks of life in areas of taxation and business law.

How can we help you today?

  • How we can help you?

    Knowledge is king. Contact the office to either briefly talk with Terri Johnson on the phone or set up a free initial consultation.  Sometimes the issue you are facing might have a simple, fast solution.  You won’t know until you take that first step and make contact.

  • Why Should I Pick A Local Attorney?

    Your tax issues are very personal and important to you, your livelihood, and your family.  You need to have access to a local professional that can sit down with you and respect that importance.  Whoever you choose, it should be someone you can meet face to face and feel comfort, trust and integrity.  Come meet with Terri Johnson and feel the difference those qualities can give you.

  • How Much Will It Cost?

    Terri understands that if you had no financial difficulties, you would probably not have any tax issues. In recognizing that, she offers a free, no obligation, consultation. At the end of that consultation, she will lay out in writing how much it will cost and what she will do for you, after first discussing in detail your needs and possible solutions. Your personal representation will be based on your particular needs and not include a lot of expensive services you don’t need. Sometimes the best solution is a different approach, like bankruptcy, and you can leave the meeting knowing that a tax lawyer agrees with that assessment without having spent a dime for that opinion. You will be the one deciding in the end whether the legal services offered are a value to you that you want, and whether you want to hire the firm.

  • How Can I Learn More?

    Gathering information is always a good start.  Take a few minutes to read over all the information on our website.  In particular, read about our Practice Areas and the Testimonials from prior clients.  Send us an email to set up a time to talk – either in person or on the phone.  Or just call us at 614-476-7666 and see if Terri is available to discuss your concerns or set up an appointment.  However you contact us, you will be getting the non-judgmental attention that you need.


  • Caring Representation...

    "My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us with our Tax issue. We have been trying to resolve this problem for seven years with our other attorney and you have done more for us in 5 months than he did in seven years. You have been wonderful to work with in such a stressful time. Again, thank you for caring about your clients."
    – AC Canal Winchester, OH
  • Another Satisfied Client...

    "We have found Terri Len Johnson to be honest, straightforward, and reassuring in her approach to us as her clients. She demonstrated a complete knowledge of the tax laws, and a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness to her work and to us as her clients. She carried out her obligations with diligence and resolve and we were completely satisfied with her work."
    – RSD, Columbus, OH
  • From FC in Columbus, Ohio...

    "I contacted several other attorneys prior to calling Terri. They were all vague about how the offer in compromise works. Some of them used scare tactics and others boasted of what a sweet deal they could get me. Terri presented the issue in a straight forward manner that reduced the whole process to a mathematical formula. She then helped me arrange my life in a way that maximizes the result when the equation is run. Aside from dealing with the IRS this has saved me money and helped me learn to cook!"
    – FC Columbus, Ohio
  • From JC Upper in Arlington, OH...

    "Before retaining Terri Len Johnson, my attempts to resolve my IRS problems appeared to be next to impossible. In fact, the more I tried, the more my situation seemed to worsen. Ms Johnson's representation has relieved me of the stress and difficulty of directly negotiating with the IRS. In my opinion, her knowledge of tax law and IRS procedures are excellent."
    – JC Upper Arlington, OH
  • From KW Blacklick, Ohio...

    "I have been very impressed with the services rendered by the law office of attorney Terri Len Johnson. Ms. Johnson's knowledge and expertise is beyond reproach. Comparing the cost and service to other attorneys, Ms. Johnson is very reasonable. I can't say enough about her communication skills and working in harmony with all concerned."
    – KW Blacklick, Ohio
  • From B in Columbus, Ohio....

    "When I needed an attorney for my IRS problem we searched the web for someone with compassion and understanding. Terri's ad offered that. I gave her a call. When I went into my appointment to meet with her, she made me feel very comfortable right away. It was like talking to a friend from the beginning. After getting the information she needed, that same afternoon she had contacted the IRS and set up an agreement that was within my abilities. I can now sleep at night. Thanks to Terri. She is the best in my book!"
    – B Columbus, Ohio.
  • A note of Thanks to Terri Len Johnson....

    "Terri, When we first met in 2006 I had consulted another tax Lawyer prior to meeting you. I decided that you were very professional and seemed concerned to help me with my tax problems, therefore I choose to work with you. As I look back, I know now that I made the right decision. You listened to my dilemma, contacted the IRS Agent assigned to me, worked out a plan to both reduce my tax indebtedness and established a monthly payment that I could afford. You also got me back on the right track with my current taxes, for that I am truly thankful. I highly recommend you to anyone that has tax problems and needs Professional Help."
    – WS Dublin, Ohio
  • From HH in Columbus, OH....

    "My tax debt was overwhelming; The IRS had two tax liens on me and withdrew money from my bank account. I checked with a CPA and it was going to cost $2500 for a retainer fee plus $200-$300 monthly payments and it could take 12-18 months to get the correct paperwork filed with the IRS. He actually suggested that I ride out the liens and hope nothing further would happen or claim bankruptcy instead of dealing with the tax debt itself. I received a flyer in the mail for Terri Len Johnson and figured I had nothing to lose so I called. Terri Len Johnson reviewed my paperwork and confidently stated that it was no problem and that she could handle this. Within 6 months she had an offer not only filed, but accepted by the IRS. The end result was, I paid pennies on a dollar for my debt, the liens have been lifted and I can sleep better at night. Terri Len Johnson is a tax problem solver; I would recommend her to anyone."
    – HH Columbus, OH