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The pressures you feel if you owe unpaid taxes to the IRS, have been contacted about an audit or have failed to file returns are real.  Very real.  However, too often people react by disregarding notice letters or attempting to negotiate on their own. Rather than assuming your situation is dire, please get the information you need from a qualified tax lawyer before taking action.  The solution might be so simple you can do it on your own or might be a land mine you need help negotiating.

Terri Len Johnson, an experienced Columbus area personal tax attorney will sit down with you, hear you out and strive to help you get a grip on your financial situation.  There will be no judgment or intimidation. Instead, your financial picture will be carefully analyzed and you will receive guidance  through the necessary steps for resolving your problem as favorably as possible.

Consult A Proven, Personable Tax Debt Attorney In Franklin County

Terri Len Johnson consistently treats her clients with compassion and respect. You can turn to her with confidence for services such as:

  • Helping you determine the source and cause of your tax problems
  • Determining what returns are missing and what has to be filed – they are not always the same thing
  • If you have been contacted by a Revenue Officer, but do not owe any payroll taxes, I can probably keep you from ever having to come face to face with them again
  • Evaluate what your possible solutions might include and the optimum timing for pursuing each one
  • If you cannot afford an installment agreement to pay off the taxes, I can help you seek Currently Not Collectible (hardship) status where the IRS will leave you alone until your financial situation substantially improves
  • Installment agreements are a very common solution, but there is a world of difference between an agreement you can afford and one that you simply cannot afford.  No one wants to get stuck in an agreement that will fail so let us help you get one that will succeed!
  • Offer in Compromises are very popular because they sound too good to be true.  In some cases that is true and in some cases they are the key to a fresh start.  There are risks in filing an unsuccessful Offer – each time you do it you add time the IRS collection statute and most times you have to pay a non-refundable down payment on the offer.  Starting with a professional right away eliminates a lot of those risks.
  • Evaluating the possibility of using penalty abatement for a complete solution
  • Determining when lien withdrawal might be possible
  • Determining if you might be a candidate for innocent spouse, or equitable relief from taxes imposed on a joint return you signed during marriage
  • Offering opinions on when abandoning tax alternatives and going the bankruptcy route might serve your needs better
  • Reviewing your IRS return examination (audit) notice to see if it is worthwhile to pursue professional help with your exam and whether that should be an attorney or your accountant


In all my professional interactions, I recognize that good people run into tax problems with no wrongful intent. The tax code and tax procedures are complicated, and I realize you may not have known what to do or how it would affect you. What matters now is what you do next and who you trust to help you. For a free consultation, please call or contact me today.