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Many business owners who run into IRS tax problems have simply been trying their best to juggle obligations and keep their enterprises going. You may have made mistakes or tough decisions in a very challenging economic period, such as delaying payment of payroll taxes so that you could make payroll itself and manage other business expenses.

If you have a business tax problem, the stress may be overwhelming. Your financial worries likely go beyond whether you can stay in business, extending to whether you could lose personal assets through an IRS levy, liens, penalties and other actions. Terri Len Johnson, a local attorney for business tax problems, is prepared to help you find the best way to resolve these concerns, just as she has done for many other satisfied clients.

Personal, Compassionate Counsel And Experienced Representation

Terri has been practicing law for more than 20 years and focusing intently on tax issues since opening her office in Gahanna, Ohio. Her experience as a business tax lawyer includes representation of many owners of professional practices and businesses in sectors ranging from construction and other skilled trades to transportation, health care, restaurant and retail.

Terri Len Johnson consistently treats her clients with compassion and respect. You can turn to her with confidence for services such as:

· Conducting a thorough review of your tax situation and advising you of all your risks and viable options

· Addressing payroll tax arrears, for which the IRS can assign personal liability in the form of trust fund recovery penalties against anyone it finds responsible

· Thoroughly preparing you for and representing you in an IRS local Revenue Officer interview

· Helping you evaluate all possible solutions for keeping your business running or identifying the best liquidation strategy while also protecting personal assets

· Attempting to negotiate a manageable installment agreement to pay back taxes if achievable by demonstrating your ability to keep up going forward

· Seeking to avoid or minimize the impact of the trust fund recovery penalty assessments or other serious consequences for nonpayment of business taxes

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Terri will be pleased to provide a free initial consultation focused on your specific tax and business concerns. To schedule your meeting, please contact us online or call 614-476-7666.